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Candy Cane Lane

It feels like there’s one in every suburban city across the US. You know what we’re talking about. That one street of houses where some invisible hand seemed to intervene and self select for homeowners and renters alike that all enjoy going absolutely #ornamentballsout for Christmas when it comes to decorating. We don’t know why, or how, but oh boy do we thank them for opening their hearts to the holiday spirit and their wallets to their local energy companies because the light shows are incredible. While it’s safe to say we’re never going to fall into one of these million bulb crews (Christmas lights have a way of looking significantly less grand on a less than 1,000 sq. foot town home) we do appreciate the dedication to theme décor. But, big or small, spirit is spirit, and to help those with a little less real estate to decorate we’ve made this design-it-yourself tulip arrangement in our favorite, seasonal palette. This candy-colored bunch is the perfect sweet but small way to embrace the 12 days of Christmas, decked halls (windows, walls, roof, etc.) or not. 


Details, Details, Details

  • “Candy Cane Lane” is a design-it-yourself arrangement that comes with 30 stems of red, pink and white fancy tulips!
  • Fancy tulips? What are those, you ask? It means not your average varieties - think doubles (extra petals!), fringe (frilly edges!) and other special blooms!
  • Tulips will arrive all or mostly closed so they can enjoy their full bloom life with you or your recipient! 

How Do We Ship It?

  • Tulips come rolled in burlap and finished with a ribbon, a signature, Farmgirl luggage tag and bow!
  • Once wrapped, blooms are boxed up safely for transit to you or your recipient in the lower 48.*
  • Blooms are not shipped with a water source. This prevents the heads from openings before they reach you or your recipient so that you can enjoy their full, flowering life! 
  • This design-it-yourself does not include a vase. Flowers are shipped ready quick trim and the vessel of your choosing from your personal collection.
  • Shipment includes a care card with all of Farmgirl’s top tips and tricks for tulip care and styling.

Care 101


  • Tulips should be kept well away from direct light and sources of heat (e.g. sunny windows, clothing dryers, etc.).
  • Cut tulips are phototropic, which is a fancy way of saying they’ll continue to move (and grow!) towards the light, even as cut stems. Depending on the situation, expect your tulips to grow up to one inch in the vase. 
  • Bloom life depends heavily on care. Frequent vase water changes, stem trims, and proper placement of your flowers in your space will ensure bloom life anywhere from a few days to up to a week (or just a bit more)!



The Fine Print

Our promise to you and your recipient is to always ship the freshest, highest quality stems we can source from our growers. In order to stay committed to quality (and because we work with Mother Nature) this occasionally may mean we need to make a substitution for color and even flower choice. Please note that while we cannot guarantee the exact color or what the exact flower varieties will be, we do guarantee that your specific blooms will be fresh, beautiful, and that you or your recipient will love it!

*Hey there, San Francisco! Local orders are delivered by delivery service providers (FedEx or UPS) and will be boxed.


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