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Chikamasa Clippers

One thing we’re never without is a trusty pair of sharp clippers. In the shop, there are fierce rules about sharing and more importantly, returning someone’s clippers. Each pair has the owners name scrawled on it in permanent ink, and losing a pair feels like losing your fave pair of jeans AND most beloved pair of shoes all at once. So, as you can imagine, the stakes are high. From giving stems a short trim before placing them in a vase to a full DIY session, a good pair of clippers will carry you through it all, just don’t forget to put your name on them!

Size it Up: These Chikamasa’s  are our go-to for sturdy, get-the-job-done clippers. Red so they’re  easy to find and sharp so stems cut like butter, these clippers will make their way to your “favorite things” list in no time.

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