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City Hall Collection: To Have And To Hold

Loving, honoring and obeying? That’s for the birds! We’re here for the #realtalk vows. I promise to (lovingly) bicker over who gets to take the trash out night before garbage day. I promise to (sometimes) honor your taste in terrible reality television/obscure, three-hour documentaries. I promise to (never) obey anything you command because we’re adults, unless it’s to go and get ice cream and I feel like ice cream and then we’ll call it even. More real talk? We just love being a part of your weddings, so much so that we designed a special pair of bouquets for your big day! That whole “to have and to hold” thing? We’ve got it covered.


Size It Up: We’ve made an elopement built for two! Our To Have and To Hold package from our City Hall Collection features two nosegays. The bouquets feature 10 - 12 stems of flowers and bits and our signature mix of wild greens. Designed in a single, seasonally inspired palette that we lovingly call “romantic neutrals,” the flowers are a gorgeous mix of whites, creams, taupes and soft corals with an accent of mauve.


Delivery Note: We ship the City Hall Collection via FedEx Overnight. As unfortunate as they are, delays can happen. To accommodate for those “just in case” scenarios, we highly recommend ordering your flowers to arrive 24 hours prior to your ceremony. For Sunday ceremonies, we recommend shipping your flowers to arrive the Friday prior (as FedEx doesn’t deliver to all locations Saturdays). Don’t worry! Along with your flowers we’ve also shipped our top tips to care for your flowers between now and your big day!

Hold the Phone:
Farmgirl Flowers does events?! YES WE DO! We’re so excited to launch our City Hall Collection and bring our event flowers to all of our favorite customers in the lower 48! And this is just the beginning! We’re launching a full line of shippable event flowers this fall 2018. For more details, please check out our new events page. Questions? We have a great FAQ page on what’s available and what’s to come. Don’t see your answer there? Our team is here to help! You can reach them at


*Fine Print: Pictures shown are recent examples of an actual arrangement that we designed and later sent out to a customer just like you! Please note that while we don’t guarantee what the flower varieties or colors will be, we do guarantee that your specific arrangement will be fresh, beautiful, and that you (or your recipient) will love it!



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