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Farmgirl Flowers
Where do you want to send your flowers? Check out where we deliver!

Flower Of The Month Club

We don’t know about you guys, but we’re not exactly a group of cool kids over here at Farmgirl. We’re a team of misfits - of black sheep starting from waaaay back - and while we’re used to being the odd one out, every now and then we wonder what it would be like to be a part of the proverbial club. And while they say - if you can’t beat ‘em, join ‘em - like we said, we’ve never been one to tow the line. So since we can’t join ‘em, we’re beating them with a club of our very own. Enter the first Farmgirl Flower of the Month Club, or FOTMC, if you’re like us and enjoy obscure acronyms!

So how does this work? Every month we’ll bundle up one variety of seasonal stems fresh from our grower and ship them out to you! What we ship will depend on what looks best from our farms and what’s in season - that could mean roses, ranunculus, callas or peonies! But just like how we do it with our burlap-wrapped bouquets and shippable vases, we choose and you enjoy! What else? The price stays the same every month but the quantity of stems will fluctuate depending on the variety - some are more expensive than others. And whether you’re new to designing or as pro as the team here at Farmgirl, we’ll ship you a care card each month with our top tips and tricks for cut stem care and styling!

Where do I sign up? Great question - below! This subscription is choose your own adventure-style. Pick one month, pick three or pick a whole year! However long you choose, we guarantee we’ll send you fresh, beautiful flowers once a month!

Details, Details, Details

  • Farmgirl Flowers “Flower of the Month Club” is an opt-in subscription - the first of its kind from Team Farmgirl! You pick the duration of your order - as short as one month and up to a year - and we’ll ship a single variety of fresh flowers every thirty(ish) days!
  • The quantity you'll receive each month varies dependent on the price of the specific flower variety. So each month you'll receive the equivalent of $68 of that flower variety. So, for instance, in May you'll receive fewer of those coveted (which translates to expensive!) Peonies than you'll receive in June when it's the equally beautiful (and less expensive) tulips turn. 
  • What varieties? Great question! Check out the list below. Just like other signature products here at Farmgirl, we can’t guarantee specifics colors or sometimes even varieties, but with this program exclusively, we will tell you in advance what type of flower you'll receive each month. This allows us to source the absolute best and freshest available that month. So, here's what we've got up our sleeve:
    Jan: Anemones
    Feb: Garden Roses
    Mar: Ranunculus
    Apr: Bulb flowers! (Lilies, Tulips, Hyacinth, oh my!)
    May: Peonies
    June: Fancy Tulips
    July: Tropicals
    Aug: Roses
    Sept: Callas
    Oct: Protea and Desert Flowers
    Nov: Orchids
    Dec: Amaryllis
  • New to arranging? Or just looking for a few more pro tips? We’ll send a care card with all our top tips and tricks for arranging and cut stem care!

How Do We Ship It?

  • To ensure each Farmgirl “Flower Of The Month Club” delivery arrives in the best condition, how we ship it will depends on the particular variety. For some this means we’ll need to include a hydration source for transit. For others (e.g. tulips) we don’t - they actually ship better and live longer with you or recipient when we don’t! 
  • How we wrap it will also vary from variety to variety! Some will come in our signature burlap with our luggage tag and ribbon and some may come bundled in other cool wraps! However we ship them, we promise to deliver a top notch product and the best unboxing experience we can! 

Care 101

We will include specific care instructions with each variety, but in general we always advise the following: bloom life depends heavily on care. Frequent vase water changes, stem trims, and proper placement of your flowers in your space will ensure bloom life anywhere from a few days to up to a week (or just a bit more)!

The Fine Print

Our promise to you and your recipient is to always ship the freshest, highest quality stems we can source from our growers. In order to stay committed to quality (and because we work with Mother Nature) this means we will not guarantee specific varieties for each month’s delivery. But, please note that while we cannot guarantee the exact color or what the exact flower varieties will be, we do guarantee that your specific blooms will be fresh, beautiful, and that you or your recipient will love it!

*San Francisco residents? Local orders are delivered by delivery service providers (FedEx or UPS) and will be boxed.

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