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We’ve always done things a little differently at Farmgirl Flowers. When I started the company back in 2010, I created our "you order, we pick, they’re happy!” business philosophy to ensure we always put our product first, and provide you with the best possible flowers each and every time. Most florists offer hundreds of, what we think to be, lackluster options, whereas we prefer to focus on designing fewer, better arrangements made in house, with heart. By offering fewer, and, at least in my opinion, better choices to our customers I was able to reduce the waste that occurs when you’re trying to accommodate every possible request and is common practice in the floral industry. Eight years later, the company I started in my dining room has grown to 150 employees but the mission hasn’t changed. We still source premium, seasonal blooms and now we’re lucky to have a team of talented designers and makers right here in San Francisco, California that design, tie, wrap and box each bouquet by hand, every day.

At first, this “you order, we pick” model seemed at odds with special event florals. There is something about our model that I think translates really naturally to gifts - it relieves you of the mental load of choosing the perfect flower and in turn we promise to ship something beautiful each and every time. Easy, right? With events, that same trust is much harder to earn. When it comes to special occasions, people are actually building these memories - one place setting, table linen or floral arrangement at a time. A lot of times this requires a level of specificity our model doesn’t allow for - certain flowers or styles that, while they may be beautiful, simply aren’t “Farmgirl.” I was surprised to find I was wrong about our customers. Those that loved us for our daily arrangements also loved us for arrangements marking their most special occasions. And while I hadn’t set out to when I created Farmgirl, events slowly but surely became a part of our business which is how Pop, Ship, Clink! was born!

With the launch of this program, we’re so excited to bring Farmgirl Flowers events to all of our customers in the lower 48. Now, with a few clicks of your mouse and keyboard you can order all your event floral needs from your computer and have them delivered right to your doorstep - it’s as easy as Pop, Ship, Clink!  


Christina Stembel, CEO

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