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By staying domestic and keeping it simple, Farmgirl reduces waste, minimizes environmental impact, and passes the savings on to you. With the Daily Arrangement, we pick the flowers based on what is locally available.

Choose "beautiful," and leave the details to us. Finally, a better way to order flowers in San Francisco!

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How Farmgirl Works: You order. We pick. They're happy!

  • Starting at $30

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    Our fantastic flowers start at just 30 bucks, plus shipping and tax! No hidden fees, we promise.

  • One Daily Arrangement

    Daily Arrangements

    We offer one fresh flower arrangement per day, keeping both waste and costs low. Choose beautiful!

  • Bay Area Start to Finish


    From our growers to your door, we're 100% Bay Area and as green as it gets.

  • Simple Ordering

    Simple Ordering

    As easy as updating your Facebook status (well…almost!).

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Farmgirl Flowers- Simple, Local, Beautiful Flowers in San Francisco

We are proud to be a successful, unique and eco-friendly San Francisco flower company. What makes us so unique? Plenty! Our goal is to completely change the way flowers are purchased in the United States. We provide beautiful SF flowers at a better price than our competitors, support local farmers and businesses, reduce our environment impact, and save you time.


Farmgirl Flowers offers one sensational arrangement of the most beautiful and fresh San Francisco flowers each day, grown in the Bay Area. This simple approach we have adopted reduces waste, reduces our carbon footprint and minimizes environmental impact, and allows us to pass our savings on to you with our super-cool bike delivery partners for incredible flower delivery San Francisco! Not only is our approach to flowers in San Francisco simple, but our ordering is, too. We pick the flowers for you, so you don't have to spend an hour in front of your computer looking through dozens of high-priced bouquets, trying to pick the best one. Every one of our bouquets is simply perfect!


Our flowers are all grown within 200 miles of the Bay Area from local farmers and growers. 70% of the flowers that are made available by florists in the U.S. are grown overseas, soaked in chemicals and shipped here. By keeping it local and keeping it simple, we make it beautiful, and aim to provide the best San Francisco flower to you! Finally, a better way to order San Francisco flowers!


Our SF flowers are only those which are in season- no matter which season it is, there are plenty of gorgeous flowers available. Why have out-of-season flowers flown in from overseas? The most important thing is that our San Francisco flowers are beautiful. If you have to see to believe, check out our previous arrangements here on the page. You won't be disappointed.

San Francisco Flower Delivery by Farmgirl Flowers

Our simple and eco-friendly approach carries to our flower delivery San Francisco! Farmgirl Flowers has partnered with many local flower growers in California and delivers each arrangement by bicycle or scooter,  We have many customers who set up weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly deliveries to their homes or places of business in the San Francisco and North Bay areas. If you are interested in our regular deliveries, just let us know! Please see our Weekly Delivery page for more information about our San Francisco flower delivery.

National Flower Delivery by Farmgirl Flowers

Coming Soon! Farmgirl Flowers takes the same eco-friendly approach to our national shipping option too! For Boston flowers, New York City flowers, Washington DC flowers, Atlanta flowers, Miami flowers, Seattle flowers, Portland flowers, Los Angeles flowers, San Diego flowers, Chicago flowers, Dallas flowers, Minneapolis flowers, Indianapolis flowers, Richmond flowers, and anywhere else, make us your choice!

Have a Question? Here are some Answers from Farmbot

Farmgirl Flowers is a small, scrappy company focused on a great product and low prices. Farmbot helps us reduce costs by answering common questions, and makes your life easier by keeping you off the phone with some lousy hold music (let's face it, even the best hold music is just not that great!). Check out some of the answers to questions we've received thus far, they are updated every day. Or, check out Farm FAQ's and chat with Farmbot yourself!

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