We’re So Excited, We Could Stream! Christina’s Back With Her Weekly DIY Livestreams

Mar 27, 2024

We’re So Excited, We Could Stream! Christina’s Back With Her Weekly DIY Livestreams

Hi flower friends! We have some exciting news to share...


Livestreams are back! 

You asked, we listened and she’s baaaack! Farmgirl Flowers customers have spoken on social media, through our customer support team, and lots of emails to us that you want founder and CEO, Christina Stembel, back in front of the camera to talk all things flowers. Join us every Friday as Christina shares her favorite DIY flower bouquet making tricks, more about Farmgirl's history, and a story or two (or three, or four - you know we love a good story here at Farmgirl Flowers and we never keep it short!). 


New content & DIYs

Our upcoming streams will feature content like how to design a D.I.Y. easter centerpiece (with fresh flowers, of course), how to turn a bouquet of flowers into a stunning vase arrangement and more. Plus, our team will send Christina mystery boxes of fresh flowers and other materials with a design challenge that she'll have to figure out in-the-moment!


Exclusive livestream deals & giveaways

As a livestream viewer, you'll get access to exclusive livestream-only deals like flower bouquet arrangement giveaways, special access promo codes to use when sending yourself (or someone else) a delivery of those stunning flowers featured on screen, and sneak-peek previews to upcoming flower shop drops! 


When to tune in

Join us live every Friday on Instagram (for a blooming good time!) to talk all things flowers, flower care, flower delivery and more - and so you don’t miss it (or future streams!), turn on livestream notifications for @farmgirlflowers


How To: Turn on livestream notifications for Farmgirl Flowers on IG

You can also check out Instagram's Support Article for additional assistance!


We can't wait to see Y O U with us live on Friday!



Team Farmgirl

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