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Double Bubble

Some classics are subjective (Heathers, Butterfingers, mom jeans - the first time, mom jeans - the second time) while some are indisputable (Gilmore Girls, Pumpkin Spice Lattes and those Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups shaped like Christmas trees). But just because something is tried and true enough to attain cult status doesn’t mean it doesn’t need a revamp now and then (please see the aforementioned mom jeans for reference). And two dozen roses? Those are just the type of classic in need of an update. “Double Bubble” is how to do long stemmed blooms the Farmgirl way - dressed up in a universally loved, confection-inspired color palette and made of a mix of varieties that are more garden than garden center at your local grocery store. The result? A reboot that will stand up (and surpass) the original! 

Details, Details, Details

  • “Double Bubble” is a design-it-yourself arrangement that comes with two dozen (24) stems of gorgeous bubblegum-colored roses.
  • Flowers arrive ready for a quick trim, your design prowess and and the vase of your choosing from your private collection. New to designing? Not to worry! We also include a care card with our top tips and tricks for rose styling and care.
  • Pro Tip: we send these long-stemmed beauties wrapped up safely in flexible corrugate packaging. Before removing cardboard please follow the directions printed on the paper to help the blooms rehydrate after their long trip to you or your recipient.

Looking to learn the proper care of cut roses in your home? Find all of our best tips and tricks on our care website here.

*Fine Print

Our promise to you and your recipient is to always ship the freshest, highest quality stems we can source from our growers. In order to stay committed to quality (and because we work with Mother Nature) this occasionally may mean we need to make a substitution for color and even flower choice. Please note that while we cannot guarantee the exact color or what the exact flower varieties will be, we do guarantee that your specific blooms will be fresh, beautiful and that you or your recipient will love it!

Important shipping change: We're trying something new! Instead of delivery dates, we're now offering delivery windows – a two-day period of time when your Farmgirl order can deliver. We're rolling out a new calendar feature to support delivery windows very, very soon, but in the meantime please note your order will arrive on your selected delivery date or the day after.

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