Behind The Scenes: On The (Flower) Floor During Farmgirl’s Peak Holidays!

May 08, 2024

Behind The Scenes: On The (Flower) Floor During Farmgirl’s Peak Holidays!

Hey there,

Ever wonder what it’s like to be on the floor (or work the line, as some say) at Farmgirl during a major flower-giving holiday (we’re looking at you Mother’s Day)? Being on the floor during our busiest times of the year is a whirlwind filled with long days, caffeine, and creativity – and we have fun doing it. Here's a behind-the-scenes look at what it's like to be on the front lines of flower bouquet production during these peak seasons!

First and foremost, major (and we mean major) shout out to the latte. Whether it’s a matcha with an extra scoop or the classic iced Americano, being (over) caffeinated is a lifeline for us during these long days. As we gear up bright and early (or dark and late, depending on how you look at it) for the day's work, a mobile order pickup at a local coffee shop is always the first order of business. Coffee lovers, you know how critical this is. Those custom drinks are our source of motivation that keeps us going through the hectic hours ahead… orrrr until we’re ready for our second pick-me-up come late afternoon!

Once properly caffeinated, our day begins with processing alllllll of the flowers. Every last one! Processing is a term that refers to the oh-so-crucial step, to ensure that every bouquet we build is of the highest quality, of tidying up each flower stem. What do we mean by that? Well, a couple things. We carefully pull all the flowers we need from the cooler and separate them to keep organized – trust us, once in the zone of processing a specific flower type, you keep that momentum going with the same type of stem before moving on to the next. Then the tedious (but satisfying) process of, well, processing begins! We inspect each stem for quality and toss any flower that doesn’t meet our standards, remove any excess leaves, thorns (helloooo roses!), and any sad outer guard petals. Then we give the flower stems a good chop (to ensure the flowers will hydrate properly) and place them in buckets of water to hydrate before they’re used to build your bouquet!

With the flowers processed and properly hydrated (for at least a day!), it's time to start building the Farmgirl bouquets you know, love, and trust. Our signature Farmgirl design is a labor of love, and one that takes us back all the way to our San Francisco days, requiring careful attention to detail and a keen eye for balance and beauty. We layer greens (aka foliage!) and various flower types to build a cohesive and stunning arrangement unique to the Farmgirl flower arrangement you chose for you or your loved one. Each bouquet is hand-made and hand-tied to ensure our signature design stays in place and then gets handed off to be wrapped and boxed!

Once the bouquet is built, we wrap your bouquet with a delicate, decorative tissue paper and, most often, our signature burlap to not only make for a stunning unboxing experience for the recipient, but to also protect the flowers while in transit. We also use this time to hand-tie a ribbon (for a second layer of security!) around your arrangement before securing it in its box and getting it prepped for its journey! If you wrote a custom card message (and we totally hope you did!) or purchased any add-ons, like chocolates, a candle, or a vase, we’ll also make sure to include those into the box at this step, too. After all, who wouldn't want a little something sweet along with their favorite flowers? From there, we close up your box, place a label, and our shipping partners come get 'em. Then… repeat, repeat, repeat until the last order has left the farm!

By the end of a long week's holiday prep, our hands and feet might totally be sore but our hearts are the most full. We are so grateful to be part of your gift-giving experience each year and take so much pride in making sure your loved one feels special. Being on the floor making Mother's Day flowers, Valentine's Day flowers, or any other type of flower arrangement is one of our favorite parts of being in this business and feels incredibly rewarding knowing our hard work and attention to detail will bring your loved ones joy. So the next time you send a bouquet from Farmgirl Flowers, know that it was crafted with care and dedication by our team, who take pride in every petal!


Team Farmgirl

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