Farmgirl Flowers: Everything With Heart!

May 22, 2024

Farmgirl Flowers: Everything With Heart!

Hey there, 

Today, we're diving into the world of Farmgirl Flowers to talk about where we’re from, our mission, and what makes us who we are.


The Farmgirl Story

At Farmgirl Flowers, we're all about spreading love and joy through beautifully curated flower bouquets… you know, the type of bouquets that we’d personally want to receive, so we’re pretty sure you’ll want to, too! We were founded way back in 2010 by Christina Stembel, who started the company from her teeny tiny dining room in her teeny tiny apartment in the heart of San Francisco. Her goal was to start a company she’d want to buy from, sell to, and work at, and to this day, that goal is still our company's guiding principle. We strive not only to design stunning flower arrangements, but to make sending and receiving flowers an easy and memorable experience, all while having a little fun while doing it! Over the last 14 years, we’ve blossomed (pun totally intended) into a trusted leader in the online flower space, known for delivering our signature, high-designed flower bouquets and unique packaging, as well as our efforts to be a company that operates with integrity and heart in all that we do. We’re so grateful that what started as a small startup in San Francisco has grown into a nationwide phenomenon, and that we get to take part in making people all over the United States feel loved every single day. Not many company’s get to do that, which we don’t take for granted for even a moment!  


A Bouquet Like No Other - After all, we are the creators of the often imitated, never duplicated Original Burlap Wrapped Bouquet!

What sets Farmgirl Flowers apart? Well, we’re biased but… it really is all in the details. We believe that it should be more than the thought that counts, and if you’re going to spend money on a product, that product should be worth it. That’s why we design each Farmgirl bouquet to be something we’d not only want to send but we’d also want to receive it as well. But it’s about more than the design, it’s about the flower varieties and quality, as well as ensuring we source from farm partners whose values align with our own. From vibrant roses to delicate ranunculus, and every stem in between - we choose them for beauty and freshness, ensuring your bouquet is a true work of art, from arrangement design to flower quality when you or your recipient receives it - our goal is to not only meet, but hopefully exceed your expectations each and every time! 


Beyond the flowers - Who we are as a company:

While we’re all probably a little tired of the greenwashing that plagues marketing these days, it’s important to us that you know that we strive to be an integrity driven company, meaning that every decision we make is one where we try to do what we consider to be “right” when it comes to how we impact our customers, vendors, team members, and world. We aim to minimize the negative impact that we have on the world (as it’s impossible not to when sourcing and transporting any type of product) and take our responsibility seriously. We source relationally as much as humanly possible to ensure the farms we work with have values and practices that align with our own. We are continuously working to improve sourcing and production to get it as close as we can to the end consumer to lessen the environmental impacts of transportation. We use as many materials (starting with the burlap we’ve always used on our burlap bouquets as the original burlap wrapped bouquet creators!) that can be composted or recycled, and work our hardest to make impact decisions that you can feel good about when purchasing from our company.


Spread the Love

Whether you're treating yourself (our fave!) or sending love to someone special, Farmgirl Flowers is the perfect gift for anyone who loves beautiful blooms! With Farmgirl, you're not just buying flowers – you're supporting a mission to spread joy and love, one bouquet at a time!

When you order flowers from Farmgirl Flowers, you can trust that your bouquet will be handcrafted with care and attention to detail. Our founder and CEO still leads our design team as it’s that important to her to ensure we’re creating beautiful bouquets that our customers will absolutely love. We pride ourselves in being a product driven company that cares about much more than the bottom line, meaning we don’t skimp on the design and flower varieties in order to maximize margins. Whether you're sending flowers for a special occasion or just to brighten someone's day (which we think is the very best reason!), we’ve got you covered!

But Farmgirl Flowers is more than just a flower delivery service. We're a female led and mostly female run team of flower lovers who are passionate about spreading joy and beauty!. Follow us on social media to stay up-to-date on our latest creations, floral tips, and behind-the-scenes peeks at our flower-filled world! We’re so grateful to have you with us on this journey! 


Team Farmgirl


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