Valentine's Day Roses vs The Signature Mixed Bouquet

Feb 01, 2024

Valentine's Day Roses vs The Signature Mixed Bouquet

As an online flower delivery company, just barely pre-Valentine's Day frenzy, we realize it's just about bananas-level crazy to suggest anything other than fresh red roses for February 14th. But, stay with us here, does your Valentine actually want a dozen of Cupid's favorite crimson stems or have you just been told by decades of (very effective) Valentine's Day billboards, rom-coms and magazine ads that they do? Our references are aging us, but you get the point. 

Real talk. Some people love red roses for Valentine's Day, or love them contextually, anyway. But for others, those flowers may not be their cup of tea. And while any gesture that you go out of your way to make is absolutely in the right direction, a gesture that makes your partner feel seen and shows you were listening that one time in that one fresh flower shop when they said (insert variety of your choice here) was their favorite, is a gesture they'll tuck away and remember for not just this holiday, but Valentine's Days to come, too.

This all pretty much sums up the trick of this holiday for us as flower folks. Everyone who is buying wanted the red roses... and everyone receiving the bouquets? Well, it varies. And when you add the woulda, shoulda, coulda's of our V-Days past, plus the rolodex of stems that's always whirling around in our heads when we start designing a Valentine's Day flower collection? It gets kinda complicated.

But out of all that whirling and woulda's and red, red, red flowers comes our signature burlap-wrapped fresh flower bouquets. There's a few red roses, yes, but there's some beautiful spray roses in there, too. And maybe some ranunculus. Or stock. Or anemones. The beauty of a mixed flower bouquet is that with a little bit of everything, there's a little bit for everyone, regardless of if they like the classics (see: red roses) or something a little more left of center. Pro tip: it's also our go-to pick when you don't know where to start but want to keep the element of surprise. 

Still looking for another reason to try the road less traveled? We've got you covered there, too. Shop all fresh flowers here.

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