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Our goal is to provide the best flowers and customer experience every single time. We promise to do what's right, and to do our very best, in everything we do. We're proud to design each bouquet by hand and with heart, source our flowers from farms that live up to our high ethical standards, and to create good jobs. We're committed to living our values, and to do our very best for our customers, team, vendors, and environment.

Designer Quality

Yep, that's right; we have qualified, flower-loving superstars creating each bouquet just for you! We create a daily design using the most beautiful seasonal flowers available. We aren’t like other companies, that are slinging flower “flat tops” with a dozen single variety stems, cut the same height, bunched and wrapped in more cellophane than should be legal. No way! We design with love and it shows in each and every arrangement.

Burlap Wrapped

We created a brand new way to wrap our hand-tied bouquets with reused burlap coffee bags from rad local roasters. We're the OGs of the burlap wrapped bouquet - which is why we trademarked it! Our burlap wrapped bouquets™ are always a huge hit and will make you an instant super hero. And just like the quote, "Often imitated, never duplicated" - don't be fooled by cheap knock-offs. No one wants to be caught with a Prado.

Super Fast Ordering

Just jump online and a few minutes later, BAM, your order’s complete and you're on your way to becoming a flower super hero! We know you don't want to spend your entire lunch hour sorting through hundreds of (mediocre, in our opinion) options, which is why we've created faster-than-a-speeding-bullet ordering. Now go eat your lunch!

Ethically Grown, Honestly Transparent

We promise to source our flowers ethically and honestly. We are proud to support farms who pay living wages, avoid harmful chemicals, and have medical benefits for their teams. We strive to partner with as many farms as possible so we can help them create good jobs as well. We are committed to supporting as many American flower farmers as we can, even when it costs more.


What-you-see-is-what-you-get. Novel concept, huh? Even though you don't get to pick the exact flowers, the pics on our previous arrangements page are actual arrangements that are on their way to (or have recently been delivered to) amazing customers just like you. We don't bring in professional photographers to take fancy photos of arranged bouquets that look completely different than the ones you, or your recipient, will receive. We don't need smoke and mirrors - our arrangements speak for themselves.

Rave Reviews

If we wanted to be one of the annoying websites that blasts music the second the page loads, you'd be listening to "We are the champions" right now. But then we might seem pretty arrogant, which we aren't (are we?!). We just love what we do, and thankfully our amazing reviews reflect that. If you're on the fence about trusting us, please check out our Yelp, Google+, or social media pages, and it will hopefully sway you. Oh, and we don't pay for reviews, fans, or "likes" like some other companies. After all, quality speaks for itself, right?

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