How To Create Luxury Bouquets Using Grocery Store Flowers

Feb 06, 2024

How To Create Luxury Bouquets Using Grocery Store Flowers

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Today on TODAY, our very own Christina Stembel made a special appearance to teach hosts, Al Roker, Dylan Dreyer, Craig Melvin and Sheinelle Jones how to make their very own Valentine’s Day flower bouquets when an online flower delivery isn't an option. 

ICYMI, here’s a recap of Christina’s pro tips and tricks for turning grocery store flowers into a stunning bouquet that’ll impress your Valentine!


Get Arranging the Farmgirl Way

We all know the flowers you can pick up from the market are convenient, but they just don’t have the same impact as a handmade Valentine bouquet. But with just a few easy steps, you can turn bundles of flowers from the grocery store into elevated floral arrangements designed to delight your partner.

When you’re shopping for stems, you’ll need to pick up (1) foliage (2) a more linear element, like snapdragons or stock; (3) roses, because Valentine’s Day; and (4) something a little left of center. We love anemones and ranunculus this time of year but any flowers with bigger heads that you know your Valentine will love is perfect! 

When it comes to designing, we like to keep it simple. Our “layer cake” method takes its moniker from our second favorite thing at Farmgirl (yep - cake) and is really just a shorthand way of saying that we build the bouquet in layers (of flowers!).

Your first layer is your greens. Take your bundle and then stagger the heights a bit. You’ll want between one and three inches in height difference to give your bouquet a more organic, whimsical finish. After you’re done staggering, fan out the stems to create a nice foundation for your bouquet.

Next, grab your more linear element. You’ll do the same two moves - staggering and fanning - for these stems. Once you’re done, lay these on top of your greens so that the highest parts of the flowers are about an inch below the lowest greens. 

Repeat the same steps with your roses and your second focal element, finishing by layering your chosen focals on the very top of your “cake.”  

Tie your bouquet gently using kitchen twine, ribbon (if you’re fancy!) or even a rubber band works in a pinch.


Level up your handiwork by “wrapping” your bouquet. 

If we’re going the extra mile - and it really pays to do it for Valentine’s Day - we like to upgrade our usual kraft paper wrap with two kinds of paper. You’ll need something more structural, like Kraft paper (bonus points for a color this time of year!) and something a little softer, like tissue. Both types of paper should be no smaller than 20” x 30.”  

You’ll make a base for your wrap by folding two sheets of Kraft paper on the diagonal so you have two mountain “peaks.” Stagger the two sheets slightly. Lay your bouquet in the center.  

Next, take your remaining sturdier sheets of paper and also your softer sheets and create loose accordion folds at the bottom. These pieces are going to add volume and a little extra fanfare to your wrap. They don’t need to be perfect or exact - the fan folds will just help them sit into the rolled paper a little neater. 

Last, place your accordion folded papers at the edges of your flower bouquet and begin to wrap the edges of your foundation pieces around your stems. Wrap until the edges cross so that your added sheets cannot fall out. Secure firmly with ribbon and, of course, a bow, and that’s it! You and your flowers are Valentine’s Day ready!

And, as always, if you’re short on time or general levels of craftiness, we’re here to help. Leave the heavy gifting to us with our hand-tied burlap-wrapped bouquets and shippable vase arrangements available online and delivered directly to your Valentine’s door. Or yours - we’re not judging.

More of a visual learner? Follow along with Christina and the TODAY show hosts as she teaches them the layer cake method! 


Christina teaches TODAY show hosts the layer cake method


The Extra Mile

While flowers are in and of themselves a complete gift, if you’re going above and beyond, a little extra - in the form of a handwritten note or a sweet treat - goes a long way.  

If you’re shopping through Farmgirl's online flower shop, we have a curated line up of add-ons you can choose from to personalize your flower delivery for your Valentine. From handmade truffles, to compulsively edible caramels, to gourmet gummy bears, we’ve got just the thing to help a flower bouquet feel tailor-made for your recipient. 

Getting arranging? We’d love to see your handiwork! Send us a picture on Instagram @farmgirlflowers! And if you’re going shopping instead we recommend heading over our online flower shop ASAP so you get your first choice for Valentine’s Day delivery!

Happy arranging (or happy shopping)! And, most importantly, happy Valentine’s Day!


Team Farmgirl

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