Ranuncu-lovin’ | Tips and Tricks for making the most of Ranunculus!

Mar 14, 2024

Ranuncu-lovin’ | Tips and Tricks for making the most of Ranunculus!

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We’re digging into one of team Farmgirl’s favorite blooms, the Peony’s slightly smaller but cooler little cousin - the Ranunculus! For those in the know, these beauties are also often referred to as the "little frogs" of the flower world (due to their Latin roots!), and they’re one of the flowers in the trio we like to call the “Triple Threat” which consists of Peonies, Ranunculus, and Anemones - the three flowers that add a little more oomph than the typical Rose or Tulip we all know and love. They’re one of our favorite flowers to design with, so you’ll often see them popped into many of our signature burlap wrapped bouquets, vase arrangements, and sometimes even on display on their own for lots of added sparkle. With their seemingly endless layers of small, delicate petals and vibrant colors, these blooms bring a whimsical charm that is all but impossible to resist!

Caring for and arranging ranunculus flowers require a delicate touch to ensure their beauty is preserved and their delicate heads are protected. In this guide, we'll share our top tips about these stunning flowers, from prepping them for display to creating WOW worthy arrangements that showcase their beauty. So, grab your favorite vase and let's dive into the world of ranunculus!


Prep and Hydrate (...it’s ranunculusly important)!

Okay - we’re keeping it really real. We know how excited you’ll be to receive and unbox your Farmgirl Flowers ranunculus arrangement the second they arrive at your doorstep! But here's a floral service announcement (or FSA for short): do not unwrap your ranunculus stems just yet. Trust us, their heads need the support for now, so don’t remove that wrap yet! They have such large heads on super thin stems that they tend to break if they don’t hydrate first to build their stem strength up after their long (and thirsty!) trip to your doorstep.

Once you’ve resisted the urge to unwrap your blooms in T-5 seconds, grab the largest vessel you can find, whether it's a pasta pot or a quirky coffee decanter, and fill it with cool, clean water. Then channel your inner flower pro self and trim those stems at 45° angle to maximize hydration. After a couple of hours of sipping water like they're at a floral spa, it's time to unwrap and unleash their beauty!


Let’s Get Designing!

For those short on time, the "chop and drop" method is your go-to. Simply find a vase that shows off their beauty, remove the wrap, stagger the stems about 4” in your hand, clip the ends at the 45” angle again, and pop them in! We usually recommend a vase 6-to-8-inch high with a 3-4 inch opening for 20-30 stems of regular Ranunculus, and 10-12 of the giant Hanoi varieties. 

If you've got a bit more time to spare, you can have some fun and get creative with your arrangement! Stagger the heights to create a floral valley - start high on the left, dip down in the center, and rise up on the right, creating a whimsical "V" shape (a classic Farmgirl move that makes all the difference). Add some drama by giving one side a bit more height than the other for a little extra oomph. Finally, fan out the blooms in all directions, so your arrangement looks stunning from every angle! Now step back and admire your playful creation - a metaflorical masterpiece!


Maintenance Made Fun

To keep your ranunculus looking fresh, keep them away from direct sunlight and hotter temperatures, so a cool shaded place is best! Change their water daily and give them a quick trim to keep those hydration levels up (psst, don’t forget to remove any foliage that falls below the water line to help keep bacteria at bay!). And if any blooms start to fade, give them a farewell pluck to keep the rest of the bunch looking fab. If the head gets too heavy and breaks, which is the downside of SO MANY petals, just give it a trim and pluck it in a cute bud vase and now you get to enjoy its beauty in another room!

Don't forget to snap a pic to capture their fleeting beauty and tag us on socials @farmgirlflowers (and be sure to include #FGFLove) so we can see your blooming beauties in real time! Looking to order some spring florals that are sure to impress? You can shop all bouquets for online flower delivery here.


Team Farmgirl

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