Blooming Branches

Flower Care

A close up of brown branches with light pink flowers blooming from them.

Step 1: Unwrap Your Branches!

After you've removed the overwrap, give each stem a good trim using floral shears or a sharp knife (but be careful!).

Pro Tip: If you are using a kitchen knife, we recommend sharpening your branch to a pencil point rather than trying to get a clean, angled cut! If a sharp implement is unavailable, you can also smash the bottom of the stem using a kitchen mallet, bottle of wine or other heavy kitchen object.

A close up of brown blooming branches in a cream colored vase with a few light pink flowers blooming off the branches

Step 2: Arrange Your Branches

Time to get arranging! Drop the branches into your vase and shuffle and shift them until you're happy. Add height by trimming a few of the branches shorter than others or trim them all shorter for a tighter, denser arrangement. You can also leave length on for a looser, more open feel! Once you’re happy with their placement, fill the vase with water and let the hydration begin!

An arrangement of blooming branches in a cream colored vase sitting on a white table top

Step 3: Find A Home Out Of Direct Sun

To help keep your blooming branches happy and thriving, we recommend finding a spot in your home or office about 3 feet or so from a sunny window. Also be sure to avoid any areas with direct heat like a radiator or air vent.

Trim your stems once every few days to allow your branches to keep hydrating and maximize their lifespan! You should begin to enjoy your blooms within a few days of arrival.


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