Blooming Branch Care

Whether February means cut offs in California or overcoats in Connecticut, nothing says "spring" like the first sign of blooming buds on branches. And whether it's 70 or 7 below we wanted to create an arrangement to bring these beauties inside to remind us of the warmer days to come. We ship these branches to you with their blooms in buds to make sure they arrive safely. Give the ends a trim, a drink of fresh water and watch the magic of spring bloom right before your eyes!

Follow our quick tips below to make like Mother Nature and force bloom your branches as easy as 1-2-T(H)REE!

A close up of brown branches with light pink flowers blooming from them.

First things first, unwrap your branches! After you've removed the overwrap, give each stem a trim using floral shears or a sharp kitchen knife.

Pro Tip: If you are using a kitchen knife, we recommend sharpening your branch to a pencil point rather than trying to get a clean, angled cut! If a sharp implement is unavailable, you can also smash the bottom of the stem using a kitchen mallet, bottle of wine or other heavy kitchen object. Opening the stem by cutting or smashing the stem will let it hydrate more easily!


A close up of brown blooming branches in a cream colored vase with a few light pink flowers blooming off the branches

Time to get arranging! There is no secret sauce here - drop the branches in and shuffle and shift until you're happy. Add height by trimming a few of the branches shorter than others! Trim all of your branches shorter for a tighter, denser arrangement. Leave length on for a looser, more open feel!

Design 101

An arrangement of blooming branches in a cream colored vase sitting on a white table top

To help your branches live their best life, place your arrangement at least three feet from a sunny window and out of any extra toasty areas in your home (e.g. like near a radiator). Remember - patience is a virtue. Rome wasn't built in a day and neither was spring! Expect your branches to bloom in a few days time after you receive!

Pro Tip: trim your stems once every few days to allow your branches to keep hydrating and maximize their lifespan!

Keep it Cool!


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