Daffodil Care

Even if the weather in your neck of the woods is more wintry than warm the arrival of daffodils is always a sure sign of sunshine in the near future! Bring a few of those hard-earned sunbeams into your house with our DIY arrangement featuring a few of our favorite (and super special!) varieties of these blooms!

A flower arrangement of bright yellow daffodils being held in a white ceramic vase.

First thing’s first!

We’ve shipped these daffodils to you in bud form to ensure their safe travels to your doorstep. Follow our top tips and tricks below to get arranging like a Farmgirl in one of our fave ceramic vases and be rewarded with their beautiful, golden blooms in no time.

First, unwrap all of the elements in your box. Discard all materials but keep the wrapping the daffodils arrived in. We like to save this to cover our workspace. It will catch all of the trimmings as you work and makes clean up a snap! Pour the flower food pack into the vase and then fill around ½ full with cool tap water.

Multiple stems of yellow daffodils laying down on a white table, with a white vase standing beside it

Get Arranging! 

Remember - you’re the designer here! You can create as much (or as little) shape as you’d like! The only firm rule here is to give the stems a quick trim (a ½” will do!) before you place them in the vase. If you’re like us and want a little variety, try your hand at designing like a Farmgirl and stagger the heights of your blooms! Start arranging from the outside and work your way in. Measure each flower against the height of your vase before cutting, keeping the outside stems on the taller side for fullness and adding your shorties into the center.

Aim for the smallest daffodils to land around 1” above the vase lip. Your biggest stems should sit around twice the height of the vase itself. Pro Tip: as you arrange criss-cross the stems inside the vase to create a support structure for the inner part of the arrangement. 

To really nail the Farmgirl vibe, we like to keep one side a little fuller than the other. Asymmetry is your friend here! We like how this keeps the overall look feeling more fresh picked than formal. Last looks! Make any last trims or rearrange stems as you see fit! Once you’re done, discard the paper and any trimmings.

A close up of yellow daffodils

Routine Maintenance!

To get your daffodils blooming quickly, move them to a spot in your space with a lot of indirect sunlight. Like all cut flowers, these blooms like light, but not heat. Keep them out of sunny windowsills and away from any direct furnaces or other toasty spots! Help your daffodils live their best life with frequent water changes and stem trims.


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