Orchid Care

An arrangement of dusty pink, golden yellow, and ivory orchids in a clear vase

All The Deets

Cymbidium orchids are one of our favorite ways to fancy up and modernize any space! The word cymbidium originates from Greek and means boat, and refers to the blooms’ special shape. Originally native to tropical and subtropical parts of Asia, cymbidium orchids are now grown all over the world.

A close up of dusty pink, golden yellow, and ivory orchids

Get Arranging!

Pretending like your hand is the vase, gently grasp all of the orchids in your fist. Careful! Orchids attach to their stalk with a delicate stem - use a firm but gentle grip while holding your orchids so that the bloom stem does not break. To add a little interest to this minimalist arrangement by staggering the heights of the stems. Create a valley with your shape by keeping the stems at the center shorter than the stems on the sides.

Bonus points? Keep one side a little higher than the other - this will add what we call “gesture” to your vase and give it major design vibes. 

Pro-tip: While you’re arranging you might find that some of the blooms on each orchid fall below the vase line. Anything (flower or foliage) that falls below this mark is bound to end up in the vase water and eventually lead to excess bacteria build up. Buy your blooms a few extra days by gently snapping off any blooms from the stem that don’t make the height requirement! 

Keep it 360˚! Rotate the stems so the heads of each flower fan out in all directions for maximum visual appeal!

An arrangement of dusty pink, golden yellow, and ivory orchids laying on a table with a light pink vase standing beside them

Fresh Cut

Once you’ve got your design down, it’s time for a trim! Grab a pair of scissors, floral shears, or even a sharp kitchen knife and cut the stems to your desired height.

Pro Tip: even if you’re totally happy with the height of your flowers out of the box you’ll need to cut at least a half inch from the bottom. A fresh cut is super important because it helps the stems take a big, fresh drink of water and rehydrate after their overnight road trip.

An arrangement of dusty pink, golden yellow, and ivory orchids in a clear vase with a gold base

Routine Maintenance! 

To help your orchids live their best life keep them out of direct sunlight or any extra toasty areas in your home. We recommend placing your vase at least three feet from any sunny window and away from any obvious heat sources (like a radiator). Bacteria build up is natural (and unavoidable) as the stems age. Change the water daily (or as often as you can remember) so your orchids are always getting a fresh drink! Trimming the stems at the same time will also ensure they’re hydrating efficiently.

Pro Tip: some blooms may die off sooner than others - especially those lower down the stem as they tend to have been open the longest. Removing any dead flowers will help to keep its vase mates looking fresher longer!


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