Calla Lily Care

A bouquet of ivory calla lilies being held in front of a navy background

All The Deets

Callas are one of our favorite ways to fancy up any arrangement but in their native South Africa, they're actually considered a weed. And while we beg to differ, the blossom is actually called a spathe.

Attention pet parents! No flowers are safe for your fur babies to eat but lilies are especially toxic so keep your vase well out of reach from your four-legged friends!

A closeup of light, medium, and dark purple calla lilies laying flat on a table top

Fresh Cut

Once you’re satisfied with the height and overall feel of your callas measure the stems against the height of the vase to determine where you’ll need to make your cut. Next, grab a pair of scissors, floral shears, or even a sharp kitchen knife and trim the stems to your desired height.

Pro Tip: even if you’re totally happy with the height of your flowers out of the box you’ll need to cut at least a half inch from the bottom. A fresh cut is super important because it helps the stems take a big, fresh drink of water and rehydrate after their overnight road trip.

A bouquet of pink calla lilies in a white vase on a table top

Get Arranging!

Pretending like your hand is the vase, gently grasp all of the callas in your fist. Careful! Callas have a delicate stem so use a firm but gentle grip. For a more designed vibe, use your other hand to stagger the heights of your blooms in your first. To really give it that Farmgirl look you’ll want the lowest bloom to start around 1” to 2” above the lip of the vessel and the tallest flower to be around twice the height of the vase. Rotate the stems so the heads of each flower fan out in all directions for maximum visual appeal!

A closeup of purple and orange calla lilies laying flat on a table top

Routine Maintenance! 

To help your callas live their best life keep them out of direct sunlight or any extra toasty areas in your home. We recommend placing your vase at least three feet from any sunny window and away from any obvious heat sources (like a radiator). Bacteria build up is natural (and unavoidable) as the stems age. Change the water daily (or as often as you can remember) so your callas are always getting a fresh drink! Trimming the stems at the same time will also ensure they can hydrate efficiently.

Pro Tip: some blooms may die off sooner than others. Removing any dead flowers will help to keep its vase mates looking fresher longer!


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