An Echeveria plant in a gray metal pot sitting on a white flat surface


Once you’ve unboxed your echeveria succulent and unwrapped all of the elements, discard (or upcycle!) the packaging. Watch out for any dirt that may have loosened in shipment. Pro Tip: Prefer an even playing field? Gently shake the plant back and forth to level out any soil that shifted in the box.  

An Echeveria plant in a wooden box planter sitting on a white surface with an unlit candle and box of matches placed beside it.


This succulent prefers to stay on the drier side - water as needed but let the soil dry out completely in between waterings. Pro-tip: stick your finger into the soil to about one inch depth. If it’s dry, it’s time to give it a little H2O! Make sure to water the soil and not the petals since pooling water on the leaves can cause it to rot.

Over time, if you see some of the stems (or succulent leaves!) look like they’ve gotten a little too much sun or just look on their way out, go ahead and pull those off so your succulent can spend all his energy keeping the good leaves lookin’ good! 

An Echeveria plant in a wooden box planter sitting on a white surface with a dark gray cloth bag placed beside it

Location, Location, Location

Echeveria thrive in medium to high light so find it a spot in the brightest room of your house. Extra sunlight and cooler evening temperatures will help this guy live his best life.


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