Plant Care

A hellebore plant in a peach colored pot sitting on a white flat surface

Step 1: (Carefully!) Unbox Your New Plant

Upon delivery, remove your hellebore from the box and carefully shake off the excess dirt that might have escaped on its way to you. Be sure to handle your hellebore’s foliage, and other living elements carefully! To make caring for your plant that much more convenient, we’ve included a plastic pot liner inside the decorative vase (so don’t throw this away!) to make watering and draining easier.

A closeup of hellebore plant green leaves and flowers

Step 2: Give It A (Weekly) Drink!

To water, simply pull the plant out gently from its pot, bring it to the kitchen sink, and let a low-running faucet run the water run into the soil until it begins to run through the drainage holes on the bottom. Turn the water off and let your hellebore drain in the sink before placing back in its pot. Repeat this once a week! 

The goal here is to keep this plant not too dry and not too wet - or roughly ½ cup once a week. If you see too much water at the bottom of your pot, or if you have a warm and dry environment, you may need to pull back a bit on watering.

A hellebore plant in a peach colored pot being held up by a hand in front of a white background

Step 3: Find Its Home!

When it comes to finding your plant a home, choose an area that has lots of indirect sunlight as hellebore can burn easily while still blooming. After its bloom cycle, feel free to move your plant outside if you live in a warm climate. Hellebore thrive outside and love warm, shady weather (and frequent drinks!).


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