Mini Olive Tree

Plant Care

A closeup an Olive Tree plant in a gold pot sitting on a white flat surface

The Fun Facts: Mini Olive Tree

Let’s start off with a few basics, shall we? Native to the Mediterranean region, olive trees thrive in dry heat and full sun. According to some archeologists, olive trees were one of the first trees ever domesticated by humans beginning around 6,000 years ago. Today, an estimated 90% are grown for the production of olive oil, but their elegant appearance and low-maintenance needs have also transformed them into a popular houseplant. We’re big fans!

An Olive Tree plant in a gold pot being held up by a person with two hands

Step 1: Pop The Box!

OK - you’ve opened the box and taken a few selfies (don’t forget to tag us!). What now? After removing your olive tree from the box, carefully unwrap your new plant pal. Shake off any excess dirt that might have escaped from the plant during shipping and handle its foliage and other living elements carefully!

To make caring for your plant a snap, we’ve nestled it in a draining plastic pot underneath its metal vessel, so don’t toss!

An Olive Tree plant in a gold pot being held up by one hand

Step 2: Hydrate Your Olive Tree

Just a sip! This tree prefers to stay on the drier side - water as needed but let the soil dry out completely in between waterings. 

Pro-tip: To test, try the knuckle trick. Stick your finger into the soil about one inch deep. If the soil is totally dry, it’s time to give it a little H2O! To water, simply pull up the plastic pot to remove it from its decorative vessel and try not to get the leaves wet.

An Olive Tree plant in a gold pot sitting on a wooden table, with a few books stacked next to it, in front of a gray couch

Step 3: Time To Sunbathe!

Bring on the sun! Your olive tree thrives in full sun (6 hours minimum per day) so we recommend finding it a spot in a bright room of the house with a south-facing window. Extra sunlight and cooler evening temperatures help these plants live their best life. 


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